Commercial grade alarm system

Wireless security systems with the GT600 Series provide your business with exceptional security.

GT600 Series Commercial Grade Panels

The GT600 series of control panels host extensive features and are the ideal choice for commercial and institutional installations up to 136 zones.

GT600 Security Systems

  • EN Grade 2 or BS settings selectable upon power up

  • Up to 40 zones, 3 areas, 31 users and 500 event log

  • Up to 30 ID zones with ID+ expander

  • Polycarbonate casing

  • Other features as GT601

GT600 Security Systems

G-Tag is a unique, simple and inexpensive solution for setting/un-setting the panel with a proximity tag, meeting DD243 requirements.

Together with Micro Maglock and Z bracket it complies with DD243 requirements for single room applications.

GT601 Security Systems

  • EN Grade 3, Grade 2 or BS settings selectable upon power up

  • Up to 136 zones, 7 areas, 99 users and 752 event log

  • Up to 60 ID zones with two ID+ expanders

  • Metal casing

  • Unique DD243 solution with G-Tag

  • Complete remote diagnostics via GT remote software

  • Hybrid wireless up to 16 wireless zones

  • Up to 7 LCD keypads – 32 characters for simple operation and descriptions

  • Plug-on STU board

  • Code grouping enables several controllers

  • Resettable fuses and improved monitoring for higher reliability

Read more about the GT600 Series security systems in our brochure

Does your business need a more advanced method of security? A1 Alarms can offer an installation on GT600 series wireless systems, protecting your property further.

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Wireless Security Systems

Hybrid wireless 868MHz capabilities allow additional flexibility with a complete range of wireless accessories. The GT600 series are G-Tag compliant providing a unique solution for meeting DD243 requirements.