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CCTV installations

Protect your home and business' property from criminal damage and break-ins with a secure CCTV installation with A1 Alarms. Whether you need CCTV installations, repairs or maintenance our friendly professionals are able to advise you on the most suited design, tailoring it to suit your premises.

Security CCTV for Your Home & Business

Deter theft and vandalism with a CCTV installation on your property?

Domestic & Commercial Security

•   CCTV installations

•   CCTV monitoring

•   Emergency outdoor security lighting

•   24 hour emergency call-out


Why not link up your CCTV to your mobile phone, so that you can regularly check your property.

•   It deters theft and vandalism

•   It's easy to install, indoors and outside

•   It offers 24-hour surveillance

•   Footage can be easily retrieved

•   Reduces costs for manned guards

•   It's designed and installed to your  requirements

•   It's reliable and high-efficient

Why get CCTV fitted?

Security CCTV Domestic and Commercial Security cameras

CCTV installations, security system repairs and maintenance in Edinburgh and East Lothian.