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Is your home or business secure against a break in? A1 Alarm Systems provide a comprehensive alarm service to protect your property. Whether you need a keypad intruder system or a wireless system, you can rely on us.

Intruder Alarm Systems for your Property

Need to provide more security for your business' property?

Security Alarms Available

•   Intruder alarm systems

•   Audible speech diallers

•   Digital communicators

•   Dual-comm technology

•   GT600 series systems

•   Enforcer systems 

Maintenance & Repairs

•   Control equipment and keypads

•   External and internal sounders

•   Remote signalling


All alarms are tested to make sure they are functioning correctly.


Read more about the Euro46 Keypad intruder system.

A1 Alarm Systems offers a range of intruder alarms for you to choose from.


These alarm systems are designed for different properties, which is why our friendly and experienced staff can talk you through the different options available to you.

Intruder Alarms

Burglar alarm Maintenance and Repairs Security Alarms Available

Burglar alarm installations, repairs and maintenance in Edinburgh and East Lothian.

Burglar alarm installations