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Providing you with a major advantage when protecting your home, Enforcer Systems combine a control panel and a variety of wireless devices that enable you to keep your property safe with the best security technology available.

Fully two way wireless technology

Protect your property with the most advanced security system.

Wireless device package

•   Instant Two way Device Control (ITDC)

•   Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)

•   Proprietary two way data encryption (TDE)

•   Intelligent jamming detection


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Why choose the Enforcer 32WE?

•   Friendly programming menu

•   Easy to assign wireless devices to the system

•   InSite upload/download software

•   Easy installation

•   More power, flexibility, range and reliability


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•   868MHz FM Transceiver

•   4 Arm Modes / Areas

•   32 Wireless inputs

•   2 Wired inputs

•   3 Wired outputs (expandable to 19)

•   80 User codes

•   32 Wireless key fobs with individual ID

•   In built proximity reader

•   750 Event log with time and date

•   12V Auxiliary output / Back up battery time 24

Key features of Enforcer 32WE

Wireless device package

Two way wireless technology that keeps your property safe and provides you with peace of mind that your environment is well protected.

Fully two way wireless technology Enforcer 32WE